TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY® White-Tailed Deer and Cervids Research Program


White-Tailed Deer and Cervids Research Program

Research Collaboration of:

Dr. Ernest Smith,  Dr. Steven Presley

To establish a formal partnership between DBC and TTU to benefit the white-tailed deer breeding/farming industry and wild populations of white-tailed deer in Texas through the facilitation and support of relevant scientific research advances, and the development of educational and informational resources.


The following objectives will be critical for the full accomplishment of this goal:


1. Establish a research herd of white-tailed deer at TTU, including facilities and an animal husbandry infrastructure.


2. Establish and implement a multidisciplinary research program to address the needs of the deer breeding industry in Texas, as directed by the DBC.


3. Establish an academic training and educational program at TTU to train and educate students (both undergraduate and graduate) from various disciplines in various aspects of white-tailed deer production, management and marketing.


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